November 25, 2020


Hydro and Northvolt announced the formation of an enabling power to recycle battery and aluminium from electric vehicles. Through the Hydro Volt AS, companies are planning to build a battery charging filter, the first of its kind in Norway.

Hydro Volt AS plans to establish a reusable facility in Fredrikstad, Norway, with expected maintenance to begin in 2021. A 50/50 partnership is established between Norwegian-based global aluminium company Hydro and Northvolt, Europe’s leading battery manufacturer in Sweden.

“We are happy with the opportunities this represents. Hydro Volt AS can handle aluminium from end-to-life batteries as part of our precious metal chain, which contributes to the economy of the circle and at the same time reduces the weather pressure from the steel we supply, ”says Arvid Moss, Executive Vice President of Energy and Company Success in Hydro.

The legal choice of planting in a driver’s return crop is expected shortly, and the estimated cost is around NOK hundred million on a 100% basis. Extracts from the planned battery recovery plant in Fredrikstad include so-called black and aluminium, which will then be shipped to Northvolt’s and Hydro’s crops, respectively. Some of the products from the remodelling process will be sold to metal buyers and other exporters.

Enabling mining mining
The garbage disposal area will be fully equipped and designed to crush and repair batteries. It will have the capacity to process more than 8,000 tons of batteries per year, with the option of adding capacity later.

In the second phase, the battery replacement battery could take a large share of the business from lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles throughout Scandinavia.

A real EV (electric car) battery pack can contain more than 25% aluminium, which is approximately 70-100 kg aluminium pack. The aluminium restored from the new plant will be shipped to Hydro for recycling operations, enabling further production of low-carbon Hydro CIRCLE products.

With the launch of this facility in Norway, Hydro Volt AS can acquire and hold a rechargeable battery directly in the largest EV market in the country, reducing the number of batteries exported. The Norwegian Batteriretur Company, based in Fredrikstad, will transfer the batteries to the factory reconfiguration and reconfigured as the operator of the factory driver.

Strategic fit
The reopening of the recycling battery follows the Hydro installation in Northvolt in 2019. This will further strengthen the partnership between the battery manufacturer and the aluminium company.

“Northvolt is targeting 50% of our greenhouse gas by 2030 from recycled batteries. Collaborating with Hydro is an important part of the picture to preserve external food before our batteries reach the end of life and are returned to us, ”says Emma Nehrenheim, Chief Environmental Officer in charge of Revolt’s recycling business. Unit at Northvolt.

For Hydro, this partnership represents an opportunity to ensure that aluminium from Hydro will be used in future batteries and battery systems.

“We expect significant increases in battery consumption going forward, as well as the need for adequate handling of previously used batteries. This represents a new step in the industry with greater potential and increased recycling capacity. Knowledge, ”says Moss.


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