December 3, 2020


The new generation of Lexus RX, a pioneer in the premium crossover segment, introduced in the fall, has set new standards for this segment. Elegant and dynamic exterior, interior with high functionality, the world’s first BladeScan Type AHS lighting equipment, Lexus Safety System + security systems, modern multimedia platforms supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications, touch screen, touch control panel make the Lexus RX model even more hit perfectly.

The elegant and dynamic exterior of the new Lexus RX reflects a new corporate design style. The line, which starts at the front of the car and extends to the rear, gives the Lexus RX a sense of speed and elegance.


Innovations are not limited to appearance; they are also reflected in the dynamics of comfort and control. The new RX incorporates the features of the flagship LC coupe and LS sedan. Engineers worked carefully on every detail: the rigidity of the body was increased, the suspension system was improved, new shock absorbers and brakes were installed. Thanks to the innovations, the car has more precise and dynamic control features. This, in turn, makes the driver feel more comfortable and confident in the car.


Takeaki Kato, Lexus’ chief engineer, says the new RX has used dot laser welding to increase the rigidity of its body and has increased the number of hotspots. Side stability stabilizers are hardened, their thickness is increased by 1 mm. The updated shock absorbers are equipped with a new FCD (Friction Control Device) system, which in turn reduces side bends and increases the ability to react quickly. The ESP system is equipped with Active Cornering Assist. Thanks to this function, the lack of rotation of the chassis are reduced, and the driver can turn at high speeds. At the same time, the car’s smoothness has been improved, which allows passengers to travel comfortably in the car.


The new advanced BladeScan AHS lighting technology serves to increase safety. The system can turn each diode inside the flashlight separately, which ensures a more accurate distribution of light flux. Thanks to the cameras located at the top of the car, the system analyzes the lighting of oncoming and oncoming cars and organizes the correct direction of light flow. This does not “blind” the drivers of cars in front and oncoming. Thanks to this system, the road is better illuminated during the dark hours of the day. The system automatically changes the far and near light modes without driver intervention.


Another innovation is the intelligent cameras of the Lexus Safety System + security system. They follow the white and yellow lines on the road surface, alerting the driver as soon as the car exits the lane through a visual image on the windshield, an audible signal in the cabin and vibrations in the steering wheel. Besides, by making special adjustments in the system, it is possible to ensure the smooth return of the car to its lane. These two functions make driving easier, keeping the driver’s attention on the road during long journeys.


The new generation Lexus RX is equipped with a new touch screen and a touchscreen in the centre console. They have modern technology with a touch. The crossover’s multimedia system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto platforms, which makes it easier to use the multimedia system. With their help, you can connect your smartphone to a multimedia system and use Apple Siri and Google Assistant. This feature also allows you to keep the driver’s attention on the road.


To make the use of cars more comfortable and safer, Lexus engineers are studying the opinions of customers around the world and inventing new technologies that will be applied in this area.

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